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June 2018

EyetotheSky will soon be offering ALT - ALT telescope kits. These kits will include the essential pre-cut eng. plywood parts. Essential hardware components like geared stepper motors will also be available. Complete kits will be offered as well. 

We are considering kit sizes in the following dimensions: 20", 30", 40"(1 meter), 50", and 60"(1.5 meter).

The basic design now is contained in the 40"(1 meter) size. The design is scalable to others sizes.

There will also be a download page where drive electronics software will be provided. There will be Windows control software and Arduino drive board software available. There will be no cost for design data and downloadable software. Also Youtube videos will be available that cover the assembly steps and operation of the mount.

We would appreciate any feedback on mount sizes and/or kit contents that readers would be interested in.